No Muffins for YOU


There is something about being ignored when the muffins are handed out that goes right back to a classroom. I haven’t seen any child, however eye-wateringly their behaviour has gone over the line, denied the same hand out as the rest of the class. It makes you realise how steep the learning curve is for any adult who is put into the situation where there are

No muffins for YOU

There are muffins for everybody else, but none for you; perhaps you didn’t pay back the IMF loan on them fast enough. I’m not passing political or fiscal comment, just saying the Greek response has been interesting. What seems to have happened is that the creditors on the original muffin loan have relied on two classroom responses which haven’t worked out for the very interesting reason that blows the whole muffin exclusion zone out of the water.

First classroom response, fear of exclusion. I’m not Greek, but any country that fields a cool guy in a leather jacket to discuss fiscal policy with a bunch of suits is clearly not bothered about being in somebody else’s gang. He’s a true indie, as proved by his elegant response when his current gang needed him to go because, let’s face it, jacket-envy plays a big part in international politics, and his boss had to ask him to stand down. The country that jumpstarted western civilisation and Yanis Varoufakis is unlikely to start boohooing because you choose to pass on the muffin handout. Perhaps some smart-aleck has already pointed out that the muffins aren’t distributed equally anyway.

Some people have more muffins than other people.

Second classroom response rarely happens in a classroom because it takes a real adult to say, maybe I don’t want your muffins.

And there’s the answer, when the small child thinks its missing out on what everyone else is getting.

I don’t want your muffins.


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