Ferdy’s Brexit Story

They say that if you draw a circle around a spider, it will stay within the circle. Why the spider does this is unclear.

Why my country has stayed in a circle of lies and self-destructive uncertainty is unclear. Why we believed a lie written on the side of a bus is unclear. Farage is the sort of con-man you meet in a pub, who always has a pint in his hand but never drinks from it. He has to keep a clear head for the con. He expects people to be stupid, with some justification, given the number of people who have bought into his con.

Trump is a con-man selling snake oil to the US from The White House instead of the pub. The snake oil makes people sick but nobody will get their money back from Farage or Trump because they move on.

The reluctance to step over the party line drawn by the Bullingdon Boy elite is harder to explain. Brexit was originally brought in by David Cameron to sort out problems within the Conservative Party. We were handed the Referendum in much the same way a patient waiting to go into theatre would be handed the instruments and told to carry out the operation themselves. We’ve been disembowelling ourselves for political gaming, for that’s what the Tory government has been doing. Is there some residual knee-jerk response to a posh voice speaking with the certainty of authority, a feudal leftover, a ruling class? The Bullingdon Boy set has been playing spunky biscuit with people’s lives and like the spider stopping at a drawn line, we’ve let it happen.

Until now.

What is happening is that power is coming back to the people. We have a vote. I don’t know what’ll happen on 12 December but we’ve got our ball back and our future, after years of fraudulent austerity and three and a half years of stopping at a circle drawn on the ground, is in our hands.

The Ending

Brexit started with lies and political manipulation and is the worst reason for self-disembowlment as a country. Time to cross over that circle drawn on the ground and get us a decent life.

In my story Johnson, like Trump, is the visible manifestation of a swamp. They’ve come out of the swamp and the fetid, dark, movement of venal self-serving lies has had its day, unopposed. When they go, their political enablers will go as well. The worst aspects of the Tory party, like the dark underside of the GOP, have come to light. When Johnson goes within the next few months, he’ll take his horror clown circus with him.

Historically we’ve inherited a large, two-party political system. Brexit may be the Inciting Incident in a change to this story. The outcome of this general election looks like a hung parliament and the beginning of a succession of hung parliaments. The political landscape has been populated by armourplated juggernauts, calcified with the accretions of decades of party politics, going head to head. As Brexit has shown the result is a bitter wasteland for us, the ordinary voter. We’ve seen what happens when we hand ourselves over to political gaming now, we need to keep control of what our government does in our name. When we put our political representatives in power, we decide how our lives are going to go.

Corbyn carries the real soul and original motives of Labour, a party that contains multitudes. He’s reversed the Blairite era but managing its diversity is not the task of a natural opposition leader. If Labour wants to save its soul, it needs to recognise its multiplicity of aims.

The Lib Dems have stuck to their position on Remain from the beginning and they have proved they can work as part of a Remain Alliance in the tactical voting necessary to oust the Tories. Mistakes were made in coalition but they know how to avoid the elephant traps in a landscape populated by the increasingly likely hung parliaments. Anyone expecting the result of this election to be one of the two main parties? Man, are they going to be surprised on 13 December 2019.

I see roaming herds of new species of political party with the colourings of the left, right and centre, lighter on their feet, forced to work together. Because an electoral democracy means power lies in the hands of the electorate, we’ve got to stop handing our thinking over, unless we want to go round and round in a circle of lies drawn on the ground.

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