Why we keep writing

Long experience as a graphic designer means I started thinking about an appropriate image for this. There is no image. There shouldn’t be an image for this, because images stay in the mind, however damaging.

Sometime yesterday, between 7.00 am and 10 pm, the majority of this country voted to continue on the self-destructive path of Brexit under a right-wing government led by someone who has proved barely competent on the after-dinner speaker circuit, let alone head of government.

This is as bad as it looks, and I am not using my words and my writer’s imaginative insight to put possible scenarios in my head, let alone yours.

I am living with people who are sad, and bad and mad but they will do this in their own time and – most importantly – in their own heads.

Ever since the first storyteller stayed in the cave to make up stories, while the others went out to hunt down woolly mammoths and their fellow human beings, we have re-made the world in words. We show the world what it can be, warn it against the worst in human nature, take the world as it is and transform it.

That is why we write. Get yourself the means to shake a club at anyone who wants to drag you out to hunt woolly mammoths, you have a job to do. So get the fuck on with it.

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